Best Plants for Urban Gardens

Garden Club London knows what it takes to plan and build a great urban garden. There are lots of factors that go into making it perfect. Floor plan, seating, lighting, and planting are all important factors. What would a garden be without plants, trees, and flowers? Not much of a garden. Not all plants are alike, however, and urban gardens don’t always suit particular types of plants. But on the other hand, there are possibilities in urban gardens you wouldn’t expect. In this article, we go over some of the best plants for urban gardens and the reasons why. If you want to know more about our work or wish to start planning your urban garden.


Ferns aren’t just found in the woods and forests. They make fantastic additions to the modern urban garden, adding a unique texture to urban garden spaces. We recommend placing ferns in shaded areas, like corners, beneath trees, alongside sheds and summer houses. You’ll recognise ferns for their unique arching fronds. Some species can grow taller than others, so a range of sizes could create a series of striking centrepieces for your garden. You can even punctuate other plants and flowers with ferns to make them stand out. The great thing about ferns is that they look appealing just about anywhere. When caring for your own, ensure they remain in partial shade with humus-rich and moist soil. This will ensure they stay looking healthy and vibrant throughout the year.



A beautiful Japanese plant with beautiful pink foliage, acer grows at a very slow rate, making it a low-maintenance addition to your garden. They make great container plants, so you won’t have to worry about re-potting them every so often. If you want your urban garden to create a sense of serenity, accentuate other plants and trees with acer. We recommend Trachelospermum and heuchera. The range of bright colours will make your garden stand out, while the dense foliage will also help to maintain privacy so you can relax. Acer also grows well in direct sunlight or partial shade. Be sure to grow them in only slightly moist, mildly acidic soil. They do require some protection from the cold, especially in winter, but we’re sure you’ll agree it’s worth the effort.


Urban gardens can act as peaceful getaways from the busy world of work and everyday urban living. Your garden should be a place where you can forget about everything else and enjoy your surroundings. But your busy urban lifestyle also prohibits you from investing too much time in maintaining your garden. Ideally, it should do some of the work itself. Evergreen shrubs like pittosporum are an excellent choice for urban gardens as they require very little care and grow well in the sun or the shade. We recommend growing them in moist, though well-drained, soils to make sure they don’t dehydrate. But once in place, you can leave them be and let them grow. Great as individual potted plants or as low hedges surrounding seating areas, pittosporum will help keep your garden looking vibrant.