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Advantages of Air Conditioning Units

Stanford University researchers have shared research in the journal, Science, with the public in relation to a textile plastic based material which is designed to cool one’s body while in hot areas. This particular material uses the properties of infrared light to reduce the heat in the body by 4°F. Although this discovery will affect the heating and cooling industry to an extent, it mostly will not replace traditional air conditioning systems which will continue to be dependent on energy. Three reasons are shared below which detail why air conditioning systems are not going anywhere.

Air Conditioning

Improved Air Quality

In addition to cooling a room, air conditioning units help to improve indoor air quality because they eliminate compounds and contaminants which may harm humans. A report from the Royal Colleges of Physicians shared that air pollution contributes to some 40,000 deaths in the UK every year. The air pollutants include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen dioxide and second-hand smoke. The body-cooling textile created by the Stanford University researchers is unable to remove these harmful pollutants from the air.

Comfortable Environment

It is very easy to control and improve the all-round comfort in indoor settings with an air conditioner because the units consistently maintain an optimal level of indoor humidity. Humidity can increase significantly during a hot summer and UK weather forecasters predict that September 2016 will be the hottest month in 100 years because of a plume of hot air spread across the country. Increased humidity makes people feel that the area is hotter than it is and this can negatively impact productivity in the work setting.


While researchers continue to make progress in creating textiles which are designed to cool a human’s body, conventional air conditioning systems are not going obsolete in the near future. Air conditioners improve the air quality indoors and assist in maintaining a comfortable indoor setting. For your air conditioning needs, please contact Complete Cooling Systems Limited today.